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And then it was summer!

Good afternoon dancers,

Been a while hasn’t it? We apologise for the delay to this month’s news blog, but we’re here now!

So what’s been going on since we last blogged? Mostly importantly, the SUBLDS AGM. That’s right. We now have brand new committee, all new and shiny ready for 2016/17. For those of you who weren’t able to make the AGM, the results were as follows:

President: Emma Collins
Vice President: Louis Iveson
Treasurer: George Simmons
Secretary: Bart Jennings
Social Secretary: Sam Hartwell
Male Team Captain: Tom Vartdal
Female Team Captain: Hannah Ward-Glenton
Publicity Officer: Hugo Manning
Standing Member: Dougie Annesley
Alumni Rep: Unfilled

What a lovely bunch!

Congratulations to everyone who was voted in, and well done to everyone who ran. There were a few pretty tight races, so you all did splendidly. And of course, run next year!

The post of alumni rep remains unfilled. There will be an EGM to fill the post at a later date. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.


There’s rather a lot of social information to give you all today. First and foremost is the upcoming Performing Arts Masquerade Ball on Sunday 1 May. This is an annual black tie event for the whole of performing arts, being held this year at the Hilton Hotel. Tickets are available through the SUSU box office for £30/£35 (PA member/non PA member) and include a welcome drink, a three course meal, coffee and petit fours, three hours of photographers, and free parking. See the facebook event for more details.

And of course we have the premier event in the SUBLDS calendar, the dinner dance! A save the date event is now up on facebook, so be sure to keep May 7th blocked out in your diaries. The dinner dance is the culmination of a great year, and always a wonderful night, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information.


Every year, there is an opportunity to nominate exceptional individuals within the performing arts for a PA award. There are dance-specific categories, as well as more general ones such as “Outstanding Society” and “Dedication to Performing Arts”. It would be great to see some of SUBLDS outstanding work recognised, so if you think anyone has done a particularly awesome job this year, maybe they’ve had particular competition success, or deserve recognition for something special, then get your nominations in here. (You don’t have to vote in all categories to submit the form).


As you may be aware, the Fred and Ginger blog is all new this year. We’ve been doing our very best to keep you up to date with all the latest news, as well as throwing in some (hopefully!) fun and interesting features in between. Ginger and I have really enjoyed writing the blog this year, but we want to know what you think! So if you have any comments on the blog (you’ve really loved it/hated it), or have things you’d like to see in the blog next year, please drop us an email ( Your feedback will be crucial in deciding the direction of the blog next year.

Well that’s everything folks! As usual, keep your eyes peeled for more news from your favourite dolphin duo, and as always, keeeeeep dancing!

Love Fred xx


No rest for the wicked!

Good afternoon dancers!

Wow, what a month! IVDC is finally over. We sincerely hope you had an absolutely fabulous weekend in … beautiful? … Blackpool.

We had some great results in the team, so special congratulations to:

Beginner W:
5th Serena and Marianne

Ex – student advanced ballroom 5 dance:
6th Alex and Kirsty

Ex – student novice latin:
5th James and Marina

Ex – student advanced Latin 5 dance:
6th Alex and Kirsty

5th (Division 2) Team E
12th (Division 1) Team A
With teams A B C and D all making division 1!

You all danced wonderfully, so well done one and all. However let’s not forget that there’s still one competition to go! Entries are now open for the Bristol Friendly, so get those entries in, and help Team Southampton go out with a bang for the 2016 competition season.

Tangoed and fabulous! Photo credit: Esmael Yahya

With comps nearly out of the way, we turn our attention to Pure Dance. A number of the SUBLDS massive have been working tirelessly on some incredible routines for this year’s dance show, so make sure to get yourselves down to the Turner Sims concert hall this weekend. Tickets are still available for both matinee and evening performances!

At classes on 7th and 9th March, all proceeds from classes will be going to charity in aid of World Kidney Day. Unfortunately Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) remains largely unknown and this serious health condition is often not prominent enough on health policy agendas. This year, World Kidney Day needs your support to spread the message, encourage prevention, and bring this issue to the attention of policy makers and the general public.

As you can see, it’s a hugely important, but largely under-recognised cause, so we look forward to your attendance! For anyone feeling extra generous, we will also have a bucket for anyone that wishes to make further donations.

And last but by no means least, we are coming to the end of an era. The SUBLDS AGM is on the 16th March. The current committee will be providing an overview of anything and everything that has happened over the past year, and you will have the opportunity to run for committee positions for the next academic year. Being on committee is a brilliant way to have a direct impact on the direction of the society, and to help make SUBLDS bigger and better. The roles available are:


DSCF0340PRESIDENT (currently Fergus O’Neill): The President is the face of the SUBLDS committee, they are in overall charge of the society and considered the main representative for the society within the Students Union. They chair the committee meetings, make announcements in lessons, and lead the organisation of the Southampton Friendly, the Dinner Dance and will also have a strong involvement in Pure Dance. The President also works closely with the Performing Arts Dance Representative and other representatives of the Student Union to make sure our society is well represented and continues to thrive.

Fergus says: ‘If you are enthusiastic about SUBLDS and furthering the society then president may be the role for you. You should be organised and good at making decisions as well as confident in being the face of the society and speaking in public. It is also really important to have good time management skills as there are elements of running the society that can take up a bit of your time.’

VICE PRESIDENT (currently Philip Leadbitter):DSCF0333

The Vice President is there to support the president and fill in when they are not around. This can involve making presidents meetings, chairing the committee meetings and doing announcements in class. As well as this it is the job of the vice president to send out the weekly email, sorting out the B&Bs and evening meal in Blackpool for IVDC as well as sorting out room bookings within SUSU and Glen Eyre so that we have practice space as well as lesson space.

Phil says: ‘You need to be organised, forward thinking and be able to keep a cool head when doing this job.’


TREASURER (currently George Simmons):
Responsible for financial transactions within the society, your Treasurer takes the money at every single lesson. They are also in charge of calculating prices for most events, taking competition payments, making funding applications and general budgeting for the society.

George says: ‘This role is for someone who is good with numbers, organised and loves excel.’

SECRETARY (currently Greg Csegzi):DSCF0337

The Secretary takes minutes at every committee meeting, distributing them to committee members afterwards. Any administrative tasks are undertaken by the secretary such as maintaining and updating the mailing lists, maintaining the membership lists and creating membership cards. This person should be organised, comfortable using MS Word and good typing/note taking skills along with a good ear are essential.

Greg says: ‘If you are quick at writing or typing, have an eye (and ear) for detail and you’d like to help out beginners at lessons then this is the role for you’


TEAM CAPTAINS (1x Male 1x Female) (currently Emma Collins and Bart Jennings):
Being a TC is great fun and so rewarding although it does involve hard work and commitment to the role! Team captains take on all the jobs that need to be completed for competitions! This starts right from the get go. You will be responsible for partnering up of beginners, novices and intermediates at the beginning of the year. Throughout the year you will announce competitions, collect entries, organise the team match and sort out the dresses at competitions. This therefore requires a lot of organisation and dedication from the TCs. Not only that but while at the competition you lead the team morale keeping everyone in good spirits!

Emma and Bart say: ‘This role is extremely rewarding as you get to help out at the classes and technique and know DSCF0358that you’ve played a part in the improvement that is shown. It doesn’t matter how much dance experience you have, it is more important to bring enthusiasm and commitment to the role. This is the perfect role for organised individuals that love dancing for Team Southampton, and feel they can manage this time consuming role alongside their degree.’


SOCIAL SECRETARY (currently Sofia Green):DSCF0343

The SUBLDS social sec ensures that the society has an equally good time on nights out as they do in classes! They organise the many traditional SUBLDS socials throughout the year as well as encouraging the attendance of SUSUPADance socials and post-lesson Stags sessions, so the members of the society can get to know each other.
This person should be sociable and enthusiastic about organising a range of different social events.

Sid says: ‘If you organise the events in advance and don’t leave things to the last minute. Try new events/socials which we haven’t done before and make sure that you engage the incoming freshers.’


Publicity Officer (currently Ashleigh Moore):
This role does what it says on the tin. Whoever fills it will be responsible for the society’s advertising. This can cover the bunfight, some ‘special event’ classes, and large scale events. This includes monitoring the group’s social media, the website, and new this year, being the voice of Fred and Ginger on the SUBLDS blog. The Publicity Officer will also lead on the organisation of Strictly Southampton, which is a sizeable undertaking.

Ashleigh says: ‘If you’re fairly computer savvy, well organised, and have a bit of creative flair, the role of Publicity Officer is both rewarding and a lot of fun!’

STANDING MEMBER (currently Lara Davies):DSCF0355

The Standing Member has one official job which is to organise the society clothing orders. On top of that the role involves helping other committee members with anything that they need doing. This year, for example, the role involved assisting with the organisation of all the coach bookings for competitions and also helped the publicity rep with Strictly preparations.

Lara says: ‘People applying for this role should be happy to do a variety of different tasks depending on what the committee needs. This role gives you the opportunity to get involved in lots of different areas of the running of the society.’


ALUMNI REP (currently Nicola Knight):
This role is for an experienced member of the society, who is either a post-grad or an ex-student that has graduated from the University of Southampton. They must have had at least one year’s experience in the committee in previous years enabling them to advise the committee based on previous experience and carry any tasks asked of them by the President.

Nikki says: ‘You need to be able to help advise the committee based on experience within the university/society, so a good understanding of the society and committee is key, along with being enthusiastic about the society.’

The deadline for submitting a nomination and manifesto is Midnight Wednesday 9th March. These will then be circulated to the society for them to read before the AGM. Please email them to

Manifestos do not need to be long, just long enough to express why you feel you are the right person for the role/s you are running for. Your manifestos and short speech (up to a minute) at the AGM are all the methods of campaigning permitted, so please bear this in mind.

If you are nominating yourself for 2 positions then you can submit a manifesto for each position with an indication of which is your first and second choice.

Once the committee have been elected, they will attend the committee meetings prior to their official handover at the Dinner Dance. Handovers will be carried out for all roles with the outgoing member of the committee.

Good luck to everyone who is writing manifestos. Being on the SUBLDS committee is extremely rewarding if you can dedicate the necessary time to it. If anyone has any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask the particular committee member it concerns!

That’s all for now dancers. As always, keeeeeeeep dancing!

Dance love!

Fred xxx

Extra extra! Big news!

Good evening dancers!

Apologies for the rather massive delay to my usual news update. I’ve been raring to go, but our scribe hasn’t been very well recently, and dolphin flippers aren’t great for typing!

Big things have happened since the last news update. We’ve had another three competitions for a start, at which we had some fabulous successes. Southern, UEA and SUDC were great days for all involved, and massive congratulations to everyone who participated. There are far too many successes across the two competitions to list here!

Key however, was the fact that the UEA Team trophy has come home with us for the fourth year running, and the incredible performance of our beginners team at SUDC.


And that was simply the start of competition season! Now we’re on the road to IVDC! Thanks to everyone for getting their entries in on time. Don’t forget that IVDC deposits are due on 17th March.

But of course, competitions aren’t the only big things going on. Ginger and I had a pretty big birthday this month. We turned 18 this year, so Sid planned a big birthday bash for us on! The nautical theme proved hilarious, with many dressed to impress! Including us! Nicola, our amazing Alumni Rep, worked up some new outfits for the occasion. It’s been a long time since Ginger was treated to a new dress, so she was very excited! Photos of the tailoring process will be along soon.

And now we’ve got two big shows coming up. Strictly Southampton 2016 is on Friday this week! AHHH! The dancers have been prepping for the better part of four months, and its set to be a pretty incredible show. Tickets are available through the box office, and through SUBLDS treasurer George Simmons. Tickets are £6 until Thursday 18th Feb. On the day of the show, they will only be available on the door for £7, so make sure you get in there quick for the early bird price!

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for details on the famous Strictly after party!

Last, but by no means least, tickets are now on sale for Pure Dance! SUBLDS will be joining the rest of the SUSUPA Dance societies in a magical dance spectacular in the Turner Sims from 5th – 6th March, so get your tickets now! Prices range from £6 – £10 depending on whether you’re a student or PAU member!

I’m pretty sure that’s everything! Sorry for the whistlestop tour, but everything is so dang busy at the moment! Stay tuned as always for updates from your delightful dolphin buddies.

Keeeeeep dancing!

Fred xx


Getting to know the veterans

Good evening dancers!

I know it’s the middle of exams, but here’s hoping a brief hello from Ginger will provide enough of a revision break to lift your spirits.

I took a little time this weeks to check in with some of the SUBLDS veterans. These are people who are experienced dancers, have been with SUBLDS for an awfully long time, or both! With competition season about to start in earnest, I caught up with them to ask for their top tips for shining over the coming months!


Gareth Ward

How long have you been dancing?
4 years and 2 months.

How long have you been with SUBLDS?
4 years and 2 months (SUBLDS is the reason why I started! 😀

Your biggest success to date?
National Intermediate Ballroom Champions with Emma Nottingham.

What is it that you love about dancing?
Everything (yes, even latin). It’s such a phenomenal distraction, there is no better hobby.

If you could give one top tip for comp success, what would it be?
Practice. When I first started I was told ‘practice makes permanent’ and it’s absolutely right. Getting to the MPS and spending time with your partner practicing the little things significantly helps.
Emma Collins

How long have you been dancing?
16 years now… basically forever!

How long have you been with SUBLDS?
In my second year

Your biggest success to date?
Coming 2nd at the British open formation championships when I was 12, still hoping to beat that one day!

What is it that you love about dancing?
It’s everything you could want! Stress relief (especially in exam time!) Keeps you fit, it’s fun! Always room for progression… I could go on…

If you could give one top tip for comp success, what would it be?
My top tip which I’m sure a lot of you have heard from me already is to go out not caring. Sounds stupid I know, but the less you stress the more of a performance you give! And you enjoy it more! So aim to do well, but go out giving it everything every single time!


Jake Verma

How long have you been dancing?
Since I was 17, so 8 years ish?

How have you been with SUBLDS?
From the first session at university, in September 2009. 5 and a half years!

Your biggest success to date?
It’s hard to choose one. I’d say coming 2nd in Ballroom at Stars of the Future in June last year, or winning Ballroom and coming 6th in Latin at the UK closed championships in July.

What is it that you love about dancing?
What don’t I love about dancing? One of my favourite things about dancing is the way it makes you appreciate the music in a very physical way. Everyone taps their feet to a beat, but dancers can imagine their whole bodies moving to a rhythm they like. There is also what we call the “dancer’s curse” which is hearing a song and determining which dance you could do to it! Add in that when you start to train properly it keeps you nice and fit, and that it’s an inherently social activity, and you’ve got a recipe for an awesome hobby that everyone wants to know about!

If you could give one top tip for comp success, what would it be?
This tip has come to me recently. Focus on you and your partner solely. When you walk onto the floor, ignore everyone else in the room. Filter out the noise in your head and let the music fill your brain. Take a deep breath, take your partner’s hand and let the music flow through you. If you mess up, that’s OK we all do it! If you didn’t win, that’s OK, more practice! Stay positive and ENJOY YOURSELF because otherwise why are you here?!?


Nicola Knight

How long have you been dancing?
I’ve been dancing ballroom for 6 and a half years, although I danced all sorts of other styles before that.

How long have you been with SUBLDS?
I’ve been with SUBLDS since I came to uni, so back in 2009…

Your biggest success to date?
Winning novice ballroom at SUDC (along with a few other comps in a successful year). Although possibly my most surprising success was a 3rd place in an open paso in my second or third year…

What is it that you love about dancing?
It’s a great atmosphere on the uni circuit, everyone always cheers for everyone and is really supportive. SUBLDS in particular is great because so many people stay with the society after uni so there’s great team spirit 🙂

If you could give one top tip for comp success, what would it be?
There’s so many thing that go into a comp, one of the most important is make sure you’re prepared! Don’t pack at the last minute and make sure to bring enough food (I like to bring snack food as I know I won’t want to eat something like a sandwich, small bits in between dancing works well for me). But the most important thing about SUBLDS comps is to enjoy yourself! Cheer everyone on and whether you win the comp or don’t do as well as you want make sure you have a good day surrounded by the rest of the SUBLDS family!

Roman Bruck

How long have you been dancing?
Forever! 🙂 

How long have you been with SUBLDS?
3 years

Your biggest success to date?
Advanced semi-final at IVDA

What is it that you love about dancing?
The way it feels once you found out how to do it right!  

If you could give one top tip for comp success, what would it be?
1) Do not try to beat other couples in what they are good at. Try to beat them in what you are good at. In other words, do not try to copy other couples during a comp. This is what practise is for. There you can improve on your weak points. But during a comp, focus on what you do best and give all you can. And related, but not the same …

2) Particularly for Beginner and Novices: Comps are not won by couples who do the most things right, but by those who do the least number of things wrong. Do not try to bring a fancy new twist to the dancefloor if you have not practised it thoroughly. Instead use your brainpower for the basic things: check your hold, your stance, head and foot position, and so on. You will fare better this way.


So there you go! Top tips from some society veterans! Here’s hoping exams aren’t taking too much of a toll, and that this little revision break was both fun and helpful!

As always, keeeeeeep dancing!

Ginger xxx

News with Fred: Happy New Year!

Good afternoon dancers!

Another year gone eh? Here at SUBLDS we have the great pleasure of welcoming in 2016 after a really exciting first semester. And in honour of all of our successes across the latter half of 2015, here is my look back on the year so far, and a look forward to what’s coming up in 2016.

We started off the year with our free taster sessions in Glen Eyre hall. The turn out was fab, and we were so thrilled to welcome you all to the society.

Our beautiful beginners

We had our first major social of the year. It was great to see so many of you getting into the spirit of the occasion, and coming dressed up to the nines in some absolutely incredible costumes! Some standouts were the cutlery set, the Egyptian, and “the Essex”! We also had the joint Christmas meal with SalsaSoc in the Bridge. It was great to see such a good turnout from both societies for a gorgeous meal. We can’t wait to see what’s in store from Sid for socials in the New Year!

And of course, we had plenty of competition success, with you guys cleaning up the shinies at both Bath and Southampton. Winning both of the team events at both of the comps was a major highlight, as well as the Bath Ball. You lot clean up pretty good!

And of course, it’s not all about the competitions. We’ve had a fab semester of lessons, and have seen all of you progress so much, so a massive well done to everyone. We had oodles of fun at the Christmas lesson. Mark’s elf costume won’t soon be forgotten!


And of course, there’s plenty of fun to be looking forward to in the New Year. For those of you who may be interested, here is the timetable for upcoming competitions!

UEA – Saturday 30 Jan (Norwich)
Southern Friendly – Saturday 6 Feb (Bristol)
SUDC – Saturday 13 Feb (Cardiff)
IDVC – Friday 26th Feb – Sunday 28 Feb (Blackpool)
Bristol Friendly – Saturday 19 Mar

Don’t forget, you can still get involved even if you’ve never competed before. If you’re looking for a partner, get in touch with our TCs Bart and Emma. They’ll be able to help get you started. The more the merrier!

On top of this, SUBLDS will be performing in the annual dance show Pure Dance (good luck to the cast!), and hosting Strictly Southampton 2016 in February. There are plenty of opportunities to come and check out your fellow dancers in action!

So that’s that! What a start to the year, and plenty to be looking forward to in 2016. I hope you’ve all had a restful Christmas, a fabulous New Year, and I look forward to seeing you back in class very soon!

As always, keeeeep dancing!

Fred x

Christmas with Fred and Ginger

Good evening dancers,

Happy December! As Fred and I absolutely adore Christmas, and our little elf who tireless scribes everything we have to say graduated today (so we feel she deserves a little break), we thought we’d give you an insight into a wonderful dolphin Christmas.

Fred will be back as usual at the end of the month with December’s news, and what to look forward to in the New Year.

So without further ado, a dolphin Christmas in pictures! Firstly, the gifting process!

WP_20151215 2.jpg
Ooooh Fred, is that for me?!
WP_20151215 1
Fred getting in a bit of a tizzy with the ribbons there …
WP_20151215 3
I’m always a little nosy. Can I open one now Fred?!

Of course, we have to have a Christmas tree. Whilst it doesn’t hold a candle to the festive SUBLDS-blue one on campus, we’re still pretty chuffed with it.


And of course, what is Christmas without Christmas dinner. Dolphin style!

WP_20151215 8
What? You didn’t think we’d have turkey did you? How many turkeys do you find in the ocean?!

We do love a Christmas film. And whilst the old classics are fabulous (can’t go wrong with It’s a Wonderful Life), there are some classics amongst the modern lot. And Will Ferrel’s turn in Elf is a personal favourite of ours!

WP_20151215 5
Oh Buddy, you cotton headed ninny muggins you!

And last but not least, after a long hard day of Christmassing, we get all tucked up and cosy and head to bed full of Christmas cheer.

WP_20151215 4
Suave in his dicky bow even in bed!

Whew, Christmas is a tiring but wonderful time.


I hope you enjoyed our little seasonal special. We’ve loved sharing our Christmas plans with you, and would love to hear what you’ve all got planned for the holidays. Let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas, and a very happy New Year, and Fred will be back with his news update on New Years Eve.

As always,

Keeeeeep dancing!

Ginger xxx

News with Fred

Hello dancers,

Wow! What a crazy couple of months! Sorry for the lateness. Bath really wiped me out and I’m not as young as I used to be. But now I’m bright eyed, bushy finned, and ready to give you all the low down on everything that’s happened since my last report!

First and foremost, an update from our delightful social sec.

Socials with Sid!

Throughout all the excitement on competitions and our reigning glory as a society we have also had some fun too! We kicked off with our fresher’s social back in October where a great show of costumes and people made the year of fun look highly promising!

A few of the costumes were definitely worth a mention:

  • The full cutlery set: Fergus, Kirsty and I led by example with our cutlery set of exemplary design.
Forkin hell el presidente!
You know you’d want to spoon with this 😉
  • The “Essex”: Our current team captain Emma shaming us all with her makeup and false tan skills , she also pulled off an incredibly accurate Essex accent which almost required translating.
  • The Egyptian: The wondrous Emily with a jet black wig and immense quantities of gold jewellery to complete the look.
Couldn’t think of a Cleopatra pun … she looked good though 🙂
  • The Hulk: Our previous member Henco, went all out with the green paint and t-shirt to recreate the comic figure we all know and love. Needs to work on his smashing though.
  • And last but not least our fabulous Mark, the “Mexican” complete with 70s porn star tash.

We trundled into popworld and showed them how its done.

With Christmas looming and deadlines burying our heads in the mud, a film night this coming Friday will be a welcomed stress reliever! We are also combining with our salsa cousins for a Christmas meal on the last Tuesday of term to top it all off!


And that was socials with Sid! Sounds like you guys have been having a blast. And now, time for competition news. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve had two pretty awesome comps, both of which were a resounding success, with Southampton well represented in the finals.

Southampton Friendly Results

Beginner Waltz:
1st- James and Rhiannon
4th- Sam and Maddie
5th- Joe and Tiril

Beginner Quickstep:
4th- Alex and Shriya
5th- Tim and Harriet
6th- George and Hannah

Novice Waltz&Quickstep:
1st- Bart and Sid
2nd- Stephen and Emily
3rd- James and Marina
5th- Micah and Jess
6th- Dom and Kathryn

Intermediate Waltz,Tango&Quickstep:
1st- Elliot and Emma
2nd- Roman and Raluca
3rd- Nick and Tanya
4th- Fergus and Kirsty

Advanced Waltz,Tango,Foxtrot&Quickstep:
1st- Alex and Kirsty
2nd- Gareth and Emma
3rd- Jake and Emma

Basic Foxtrot
1st- Elliot and Emma
2nd- Roman and Raluca
3rd- Nick and Tanya
4th- Jake and Emma
5th- Simon and Eirian
6th- Bart and Sid

Open Viennese
1st- Alex and Kirsty
2nd- Elliot and Emma
3rd- Gareth and Eirian
4th- Roman and Raluca
5th- Jake and Ellie
6th- Nick and Tanya


Beginner Cha:
1st- Alex and Shriya
2nd- Serena and Marrianne
4th- George and Yiu
5th- Joe and Tiril

Beginner Jive:
1st- Alex and Shriya
2nd- George and Yiu
5th- Joe and Tiril

Novice Cha&Jive:
2nd- Louis and Aggie
5th- James and Marina
7th- Bart and Sid

Intermediate Cha,Samba&Jive:
1st- Joe and Laura
3rd- Elliot and Hannah
5th- Emma and Nikki
6th- Roman and Raluca

Advanced Cha,Samba,Rumba&Jive:
1st- Konstantinos and Fiona
2nd- Alex and Kirsty
3rd- Jake and Emma
4th- Gareth and Emma

Open Paso:
1st- Alex and Kirsty
2nd- Konstantinos and Fiona
3rd- Roman and Raluca
4th- Gareth and Emma

Basic Rumba:
1st- Jake and Emma
2nd- Elliot and Hannah
5th- Simon and Eirian
6th- Bart and Sid

All-girl Jive:
1st- Emma and Nikki
2nd- Emma and Emma
5th- Kirsty and Cheyenne

1st- Team A (Fergus&Kirsty, Gareth&Emma, Emma&Nikki and Joe&Laura)
2nd- Team B (Simon&Eirian, Stephen&Emily, Philip&Ellie and Elliot&Hannah)
3rd- Team C (Bart&Sid, Tom&Rebecca, George&Charlie and Micah&Jess)

Bath Friendly results

Beginners Waltz
2 – Alex + Shriya

Beginners Quickstep
2 – Esmael + Karolina
4 – Alex + Shriya

Novice (WQ)
2 – Bart + Darina
6 – James + Marina
7 – Stephen + Emily

Intermediate (WTQ)
1 – Roman + Raluca
3 – Fergus + Kirsty
4 – Elliot + Emma
5 – Simon + Eirian

Advnced (WTFQ)
1 – Antony + Joanna
3 – Gareth + Emma
5 – Jake + Emma

Beg/Nov Vw
4 – James + Marina
5 – Stephen + Emily
6 – Bart + Ellie

Int/Adv Vw
1 – Antony + Joanna
3 – Roman + Raluca

Beginners Cha
3 – Alex + Shriya
4 – Esmael + Karolina

Beginners Jive
1 – Alex + Shriya

Novice (CJ)
3 – Louis + Aggie

Intermediate (CRJ)
7 – Joe + Laura

Advanced (CSRJ)
3 – Antony + Joanna
6 – Jake + Emma

Int/Adv S
3 – Antony + Joanna
5 – Elliot + Hannah

Waltz: 2nd + 4th
Quickstep: 1st + 5th
Cha: 3rd + 6th
Jive: 2nd

After Bath, we had the fabulous Bath Ball where a rather stunning same sex rumba came from 6 of our wonderful gentlemen.

There was also a little SUBLDS representations at Warwick Varsity. Fergus and Kirsty, Micah and Jess, and Bart and Sid brought the team SUBLDS spirit to the first Varsity comp of the year and brought home some ballroom shinies, with finals in novice and intermediate ballroom.


And now for upcoming news! The SUBLDS/SalsaSoc joint christmas dinner is coming up on Tuesday 8th December in the Bridge. Whilst it’s too late to place food orders now, you can still join us for the dancing after the meal. Ask Sid for more details.

And to top off 2015, the famous SUBLDS Christmas lesson is coming up on Wednesday 9th December. This is for all levels to come and have a little fun. Christmassy outfits and baked goods are very much encouraged!

That’s all from me. You’ll be hearing from me again after a long a food filled Christmas break. Keep your eyes peeled for Ginger’s Christmas special, where you’ll be getting a little insight into Christmas with the SUBLDS mascots.

As always, keeeeeep dancing!

Fred x



Time to tango! Tanning for first timers!

Good evening dancers!

Fred’s still a little wiped out after last weekend (he’s not as young as he used to be), so you’ve got another installment from Ginger this week!

We had a fabulous time at the Southampton Friendly this year. You all danced incredibly well, and it was wonderful to see such a sea of turquoise in the final line ups. Plenty of shinies all around for Team Southampton!

Taking a moment of reflection with one of our delightful intermediates
Taking a moment of reflection with one of our delightful intermediates

But there’s no rest for the wicked. I hope you’ve all been practising, because the Bath competition is quickly coming up. So I thought I’d take the time to address the elephant in the room. The great big orange elephant.

Some of you may have noticed some rather glorious creatures gracing the floor of Richard Taunton last weekend. Their dance moves? Stunning. Their glittering array of costumes? Dazzling. Their skin? An enviable shade of golden brown (mostly)!

Tanning is a time honored tradition amidst the ballroom community, and as your ballroom careers with us continue, you’ll see shades that cover the entire spectrum from sunkissed goddesses to highlighter orange delights who, if the lights were switched off, would probably glow in the dark.

Whilst tanning is by no means a necessity, for any of you who want to achieve that classic ballroom look and have never tanned before, I thought I’d take this opportunity to provide a few tips for home tan application.


No matter what fake tan you buy, the result will only be as good as its canvas. Start by getting any shaving or waxing you want to do out of the way first. Hair removal after applying the tan will just exfoliate away all of your hard work.

Speaking of which, make sure to exfoliate thoroughly. This will remove any dead skin cells that the tan would adhere to, and help prevent the tan looking patchy. Exfoliate extra thoroughly around the ankles, elbows, and knees, as they tend to be a little more tan-grabbing!

Lastly, moisturise well. Not only will this assist with smooth application and help keep the colour for longer, many self tans can contain some drying ingredients. Best to give your skin a little extra love beforehand, particularly if it’s sensitive. Add a little extra moisturiser or vaseline around the ankles, elbows, and knees, again to help prevent the tan grabbing in these areas.

If you want to keep tan off the palms of your hands, invest in a self tanning mitt. This will apply tan to your skin more evenly than your hands will, and will prevent your palms getting super dark! Also, keep some vaseline to hand for any areas where you would like the tan to be a little lighter.


If you find yourself in the self tan aisle at Boots or Superdrug, you will quickly notice that there are an awful lot of products to choose from. Here’s a quick run down of the choices available:

Gradual tanning lotion: These are the gentlest tans available that will take a lot of layering to provide any colour. Typically they have the same formulation as a standard moisturising body lotion, tinted to provide colour over time with each application. These products are unlikely to streak, however take a lot of effort to build up. Even then, the colour remains subtle.

Instant tan: These are very much designed for those with a “get it on and go” mentality. They are usually tinted so you can see where you’ve applied and come in a range of shades. However, they wash off pretty much instantly. Prepare to keep reapplying throughout the day after every time you wash your hands!

Tanning creams/lotions: These are tanning products that develop over a few hours (typically 4-8). Again, they come in a range of shades, however how quickly you shower after application will determine the depth of the resulting tan. These products are not always tinted, occasionally applying clear or skin coloured, making it difficult to determine where you’ve already applied the tan. These products also have the highest risk of going streaky, so care must be taken to apply the product evenly. Start light and build up! However, after development, these will not instantly wash off and will fade gradually each time you shower.

Mousse/gel: Mousse and gel based tans are targeted at first time tanners! The formulas almost always contain a tint as guidance during application and lend themselves to spreading evenly. They are often quick drying (resulting in less stains on your clothes and sheets!) and have the same staying power as the creams/lotions. However, these products aren’t as moisturising, and the gel formulas often contain shimmer. Be careful to avoid those if glittery isn’t the look you’re going for!

Spray: These can be a bit hit and miss. Depending on the quality of the nozzle, they can be either super easy or a super pain in the backside! Try to look for one with a 360 degree nozzle. This will help the spray disperse more evenly.


Has your tan gone a little awry? Do you want to reduce the shade a little post competition? A little exfoliant will help clear that right up. Exfoliate your skin thoroughly, and your tan will begin to scrub away.

Last but not least, having a matte bronzer to hand can be a life saver for emergency fixes. If you notice a streak at the comp, or need your face to match your body a little more closely, a simple bronzer can cover up a multitude of sins!

Don’t forget, tanning is by no means essential! But if you want to get tangoed with the best of them, I hope this was helpful. If you have any other questions about achieving a gorgeous sun kissed glow, ask one of our intermediate dancers. They will have a wealth of knowledge on the do’s (and crucially don’ts!) of getting your bronze on.

As always, keeeeep dancing,

Ginger xxx

So, it’s your first dance competition?

Hi dancers!

For the past few blogs, Fred has been hogging all the screen time, so now it’s Ginger’s turn! For those of you who haven’t met me yet, I can often be found at competitions in a rather fetching blue dress. I enjoy my photo opportunities, so come and grab a selfie when you get a chance!

With the Southampton Friendly coming up, I figured I’d take this opportunity to pass on some words of wisdom. Having reached a ripe old age, I’ve picked up a thing or two in my time with the SUBLDS massive #represent

So here are my top 10 tips for your first competition!

  1. It’s a VERY long day, so bring plenty to eat and drink. If all goes well, you may be dancing a lot and you need to keep your energy up. Keep that in mind when you’re planning your lunch/snacks for the day. But leave room for pizza of course!
  2. Make sure you’re listening when numbers are being recalled to the floor in your heats. If you miss your number, you won’t get back on the floor. And whilst it’s nice to cheer on your friends, lots of noise means its hard to hear the numbers. Where possible, reserve going wild until all couples are on the floor.
  3. HOWEVER! If you lose your partner and hear your number called, go onto the floor and raise your hand. The judges will either wait for your partner to arrive, or slot you into another heat in that round.
  4. Whilst it’s important to hear numbers, its also VERY important to show lots of support for other dancers. Clap and cheer them on. Don’t forget it’s likely to be the first competition for lots of people, so let them feel the love. But of course, cheer loudest for team Southampton!
  5. Be confident! Judges have minimal time to spend watching individual couples. A big smile and standing tall noticed at the right moment can often be enough to get you through to the next round. So that means chins up, eyes up, and smiles on!
  6. Whist I know Bart and Emma have already told all you beginners what you can and can’t wear, outfits don’t need to be dull. Play with patterns and colours that can stand out. Ladies, go to town on sparkly jewellery and hair pieces. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.
  7. Simple is always better. When planning your routines, use the moves you’re most comfortable with. Better to perform a simple move well than a flashy move poorly.
  8. And if you do mess up? If you stumble, lose time, or crash into another couple? Simply stop, take up a beautiful hold, and start again. Save yourself and your partner the headache of trying to fudge your way back on track.
  9. If at any time you have a question, or there’s something you don’t understand, ASK. The committee will be there all day, there will always be someone to help. It’s what they’re there for, so give them some job fufillment!
  10. And lastly, remember that nerves are completely natural. The most important thing is to have fun. And if you come away with a shiny or two, all the better. No matter what happens, stay positive and enjoy the day!

I hope I’ve not rehashed too much old ground and that you’ve found some of this useful! Both Fred and I are super excited to see the routines you’ve got lined up. The Southampton Friendly is one of the best days of the dance year, so keep practising those moves and I’ll see you on the 7th!

All my dolphin love,

Ginger xxx

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